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As mentioned in episode 6 of The Rebound – jobs come and go. They always have. The thing we do as humans often revolve and evolve around the technology of the day. New technology, invents new possibilities which invents new work. So we think it best to ignore the fear the media try and sell by saying all the jobs will go away. Sure, we may have to learn some new skills, but we are all capable of that and we now have free tools on the web to do it.

 Jobs from the Future:

  • Robot Ethicist – Designs rules for robot design and how they are allowed to interact with humans.
  • Carbon Footprint Analyst – Assess peoples carbon footprint and tax associated with it.
  • Personal Brand Manager – Help people manager their public brand / image and promote their work.
  • Digital Memory Archivist – Helps people manage their digital files, pictures, videos and archives in cloud for easy access.
  • Privacy Advisor – Helps people manage their privacy and data their release to market.
  • Data Commodities Broker – Sells peoples data on their behalf for profit for the data creator.
  • Off World Habitat Designer – Designs living spaces for spaceships and other planets.
  • Rolling Commerce Consultant – Commercial specialist for entertainment in Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Autonomous Car Interior Designer – Designs and fits out spaces in cars (Rolling Lounge room anyone?)
  • Drone Air Traffic Controller – Manages geographic area for drone deliveries.
  • Drone Landing Pad Constructor – Builds drone landing location locations.
  • DNA Health Consultant – Helps people pre-emptively manage their health through DNA analysis.
  • Urban Agriculture Specialist – Design / manage agriculture in vertical gardens in city scapes.
  • Meat Lab workers – People involved in growing meat in labs so no animals are slaughtered.
  • 3D printing worker – Work associated with 3D printing technology.
  • Renewable Energy Workers – Building, managing creating green energy.
  • Crypto Currency banker – Banking systems created around crypto currency.
  • BlockChain Manager – Helps comp names and people manage their own block chains.
  • Augmented Reality City Designer – Design information to float above public spaces which we can access with smart glasses.

As you have probably guessed this list could go on forever… It isn’t designed to be exhaustive, rather the stimulate thought on the infinite work possibilities and get you excited rather than scared! You’ll also notice many of then are very humanities focused.

Growth Industries of the Future

  • Data and Privacy Management
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto Currency anf FinTech Banking
  • Renewable Energy
  • Drones
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Fitness
  • Transport Autonomy
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Distance Education
  • Experiential travel
  • New Age Agriculture – Clean meat / Vertical Farming

Again there are more, but you can see that the entrepreneurial and work opportunities of the future are only limited to imagination and a little bit of effort on our behalves.

Go for it!


As i mentioned in the episode today, I had one of my many startup ventures back in 2016 called Happy Wife.

It solved a real problem for me. I needed to buy birthday, anniversary, Christmas presents for four sisters, my mum, and step mom. I struggled remembering the date, choosing a gift, and getting to them nicely wrapped.

There were some moments of success, including winning Tech Crunch’s Pitch Night at SxSW, and a swag of learnings – the main one being, it was only a problem for me, and nobody else really was affected by it. In future any idea I consider investing time and money in, I ask the market whether it is a real problem for them.


When the spear was our tool, hunters and gatherers had to be mobile and followed the herd to find their next customer.

Data GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The seed led us to an agricultural society. We settled and specialized our farming skills, working as mini entrepreneurs in trading societies.

Charlie Chaplin GIF by Maudit - Find & Share on GIPHY

The spanner led us to cities, factories and modern industrial life as employees.

Personal Computer Game GIF by Bayerischer Rundfunk - Find & Share on GIPHY

And now silicon defines us. The modern day factor of production enables us to live anywhere… connect with anyone and send our products and goods literally flying through the air. Silicon is upending and inventing new business models – limited only to our collective imaginations.


Disruption is the crowd favourite word in business, the world over. In all seriousness… Disruption happens when new technology changes the way a business model works.

And we’ve seen a lot of it recently.

But, we’re only 20 or so years into this revolution – so we’ve got a lot of change ahead.

Yesterday’s business models – they provide a free lesson, and give us some wonderful clues as to what’s next

So let’s break this down into 3 clear chunks of

• Yesterday
• Today and
• Tomorrow

This will help you see the patterns.



There is no better example than to demonstrate this than newspapers.

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Look at how fat the newspapers used to be.
Where did it all go…?

It all started unravelling for newspapers around 20 years ago, when the internet was becoming mainstream.

Remember we used to buy everything from the classifieds.

Now, we go to eBay or GumTree, right? There goes that revenue.

Another major stream of revenue was car ads.

That’s gone, and in its place is an Australian monopoly, and that company has a company valuation bigger than that of both big newspaper groups.

The same goes for the Property section. The employment section. They’ve all been replaced by single-minded tech platforms that have all gone on to create more revenue than the papers ever did.



Let’s look at some newer models that are playing out ‘today’.

Let’s start with the music industry which has a new revenue model today. It used to be ‘Put song on radio – Fans buy the album’. Now it is ‘Release song on the internet for free – Make money on arena shows and a Netflix special.

Install Cd Rom GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Software also adapted. Remember buying CD Roms? And you would have to buy a whole set of new disks when a new update came out?

This is Adobe Photoshop from the year 1995. I can count 4 floppy’s there. Now you just pay monthly, and get updates as they happen.

And the internet has made it possible to boot out the middleman and sell Direct to Consumer.
Previously you would have to go to a shop to buy stuff.

And what about Casper, the DTC Mattress brand out of the US. And they own every step of the business. Design. Manufacture. Sell. Deliver. No middle man. No showroom –  passing on all the savings to me, the punter.



Let’s look at some of the business models of tomorrow – What is going to be more prevalent?
The rise of giants Uber & AirBNB. They woke up sleeping assets

… See what we did there?

GIF by Li-Anne Dias - Find & Share on GIPHY

AirBNB put spare bedrooms around the world to work and Uber turned people and their cars into a business that has changed the way we get around. What does that tell us about business tomorrow?

Now that we can connect with people directly more idle assets will get put to work. Things that only get used a portion of their time… those assets can be activated

You don’t have to be a unicorn to leverage idle assets, I love Bivouac in New York City, They invented Urban Camping by putting empty high rise rooftops to work.

Makes you wonder how many businesses have assets they can rent out for revenue while they’re not using them!





Day Zero

Old habits die hard. We can get stuck in the weeds for months, and sometimes years. We have all been there. Now, remember how inspired, and optimistic you were the day you started? Jeff Bezos famously asks his Amazon executives to treat each day with that same attitude – as if every morning is the start of day zero. How would you set up your business differently if it was starting today? Make everyday day zero. 



We subscribe to TV with Netflix. Music with Spotify. 

So here’s the hack – how could you give your customers ‘access to your product or service’ without selling it to them one transaction at a time? 

Think fresh milk and bread? Even fresh socks and dog food. I subscribe to them all. Soon we will be subscribing to cars to get around.

There’s few things more powerful than recurring revenue in business – and it’s possible in more ways than we think. 


Invest 10 minutes learning a new technology relevant to your industry – every day. Just watch a different youtube clip on the topic… we can’t make it much easier than that.

At the end of the year, you’ll be in the top 1% of your field on that topic. Simply because, people don’t do it. 


Try this hack. Order a product from Alibaba so you can experience first-hand how quick and easy outsourcing global manufacturing is.

Did you know they have more than 60 million wholesale items you can buy or get redesigned and rebranded? This used to be the domain of giant conglomerates. Not anymore. 

Our biggest hack of the week, Cut some Code, has its own post. Go check it out.

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