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You already have a monopoly

Did you know you already have a monopoly?
Everyone does. A monopoly over ‘you’… who ‘you’ are.

Spend a minute looking back at all the experiences you’ve had through your life and see how they have shaped you. Each experience have built your strengths, your weaknesses, your passions and your story.

It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been good or bad, all these experiences have shaped who you are.
You have a monopoly over you, and nobody can get close to that.


Like people, brands have personalities. This guides great brands on the type of things they do. 

AKA your brand archetype. This wheel is a handy tool that helps plot where your brand naturally fits. 

Are you The Jester? Next to brands like Oldspice, or M&M’s?

Or The Ruler? IBM? Nobody ever got sacked for buying IBM. 

Another Ruler is Rolex…

The Rebel? Virgin or Harley Davidson. 

You know what’s interesting? The archetype is often a reflection of what type of person the CEO is… 

Think of Tom Ford… He epitomises the style and class of the brand. 

Fashion labels are a good example of ‘the brand’ is ‘their founder’… 

Microsoft has the personality of Bill Gates. Smart, safe, trustworthy. 

But definitely not ‘cool’

Virgin and Sir Richard. Rebellious, provocative, disruptive.

Wherever you land on the wheel, it should authentically ladder up to your brand’s core values.

Try and place your brand on the wheel and then think about what the implications are when you keep that in your mind when considering, content, tone of voice, advertising, customer service.

See how it can start to govern the way your brand looks, feels and acts? Try it out!


Melbourne branding and design studio South South West have spent the last decade building brands for some of the world’s most innovative companies such as Google, Nike and Tesla as well as supporting the local Australian startups. 

As we know brands are much more than a logo – in our last post, South South West took us through their bespoke process to developing an effective brand. 

These guys developed a brand close to us…

They helped us develop the Rebound brand and here is what came out of the discussion on how they came up with the DESIGN, CULTURE and THINKING for The Rebound…


The key point is that we no longer sell to individual consumers like advertisers used to think, we pitch our brands to create engagement with cultural niches.

So for The Rebound, Covid has given a whole new impetus to people to invest in themselves, their business and their careers.


Pull together all types of strategy, economics, your business model, what are the key tactics, plans and considerations? 

In the context of Rebound we were not concerned with people being distracted with their phone during the show. We want them to interact with the device on the couch, and how we create a connection between those experiences is central to how we constructed the brand. This is why we send people here, to the blog, or to our dropbox, or our socials.


What does the face of your brand look like? 

For The Rebound, the Design rationale was to Use every available pixel, using conventions of the internet; strong colour, slight scrappiness. 


If you brainstorm on all of these aspects you can find the crucial connections that lead to a single idea or statement that connects these aspects… and that’s the secret sauce.

You should try doing this for your brand. Head to South South West’s bespoke branding framework for more.



Congratulations! You’ve decided to do what so many others are too scared to do… take action. Following on from our branding segment with SouthSouthWest, we’re pleased to share with you a quick recap of their branding cycle and a ‘brand on a page’ template.

It’s designed to help you, or any brand owner or leader define a unique & engaging brand proposition.

Now jump in and make something amazing! You got this.

Download the framework from South South West