Steve Sammartino is Australia’s leading futurist, international keynote speaker and author, with a deep understanding of disruptive technology and the wider economy. He has authored two books: The Great Fragmentation and The Lessons School Forgot. His Youtube channel has 10 million views.


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Tommy McCubbin is host of Future Sandwich, Winner of Australia’s Best Tech Podcast, and co-host of hit YouTube show Now, Soon, Later. He also founded the App, WellAware, to keep Australian's healthy. When not creating the series, he consults as Creative Director for Google, Amazon, Porsche, Virgin and Telstra.

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    You already have a monopoly

    Did you know you already have a monopoly? Everyone does. A monopoly over ‘you’… who ‘you’ are. Spend a minute looking back at all the experiences you’ve had through your life and see how they have shaped you. Each experience have built your strengths, your weaknesses, your passions and your story. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been good or bad, all these experiences have shaped who you are. You have a monopoly over you, and […]

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