Jun 1, 2021

History Lesson: Skills


ur current way of life is not how it’s always been. For the 99.9% of human existence we only needed 2 skills - to hunt and to gather. 

Hunting GIF by memecandy

It took tens of thousands of years to evolve into the craftsman and merchant eras, where our skills lasted generations, passing down to our children - how to bake, sew, farm and craft.

Selling Season 4 GIF

Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution, where we swapped the skills of artisanship to factory work. 

assembly line vintage GIF by US National Archives

Just as we were getting comfortable, it flipped again. The Digital Revolution is moving so fast, no one really knows the exact skills we will need in the future. For the first time in history, we can’t tell our children that a specific qualification will hold them in good stead. We will need the ability to reinvent ourselves repeatedly… mastering human based skills like emotional intelligence, anti-fragility, and adaptability.

Skills will go from being something you get - to something you work on, because what we master today will likely be outdated tomorrow.