Sep 20, 2021

Naivety is a Gift

If you’re waiting for that moment when you’ll know it all before entering a new industry career or starting that new business. You’ll be waiting forever.  No one does, or can ever know it all. Add the fact that the world and technology is changing so rapidly doing too much research before starting can be a downright disadvantage.

Absolutely we need to investigate anything before investing in it or having a crack at an industry.But we should never forget about that old idea of Paralysis by analysis. It’s real and can be a real danger. A far better approach is to assess how attractive something is – minimise risks, but at some point we just have to jump. Risk is inevitable and can never fully eliminated.

But here is the best bit:

Your Naivety is a Gift.

Not knowing stuff can be a massive benefit when taking on a new industry or business. It means we can ask questions that others wont, it means we can see things with fresh eyes, it means we can try things that others think wont worked because they’ve become blinded by industry convention.

In fact, no one has ever changed an industry who came from within it!