Oct 7, 2021

Pod Of The Month: My First Million

Ever wondered where to find Instagram’s next hottest selling item? Or understand how much profit a Laundromat actually makes? At The Rebound, we are all about learning about how business works. We are just as interested in why a business idea gets traction, as to why another doesn’t. 

A podcast that goes deep on exactly this is My First Million. From the makers of The Hustle email newsletter (which we also highly recommend subscribing to), the pod is ‘for business builders, schemers, and dreamers.’

If you ever felt like you need a shot of inspiration to wake up your entrepreneurial spirit, this is for you. If you learn something cool, or even execute an idea you learn in the show, let us know - we would love to hear from you. 

Visit the My First Million Website https://thehustle.co/my-first-million-podcast/