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As mentioned in episode 6 of The Rebound – jobs come and go. They always have. The thing we do as humans often revolve and evolve around the technology of the day. New technology, invents new possibilities which invents new work. So we think it best to ignore the fear the media try and sell by saying all the jobs will go away. Sure, we may have to learn some new skills, but we are all capable of that and we now have free tools on the web to do it.

 Jobs from the Future:

  • Robot Ethicist – Designs rules for robot design and how they are allowed to interact with humans.
  • Carbon Footprint Analyst – Assess peoples carbon footprint and tax associated with it.
  • Personal Brand Manager – Help people manager their public brand / image and promote their work.
  • Digital Memory Archivist – Helps people manage their digital files, pictures, videos and archives in cloud for easy access.
  • Privacy Advisor – Helps people manage their privacy and data their release to market.
  • Data Commodities Broker – Sells peoples data on their behalf for profit for the data creator.
  • Off World Habitat Designer – Designs living spaces for spaceships and other planets.
  • Rolling Commerce Consultant – Commercial specialist for entertainment in Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Autonomous Car Interior Designer – Designs and fits out spaces in cars (Rolling Lounge room anyone?)
  • Drone Air Traffic Controller – Manages geographic area for drone deliveries.
  • Drone Landing Pad Constructor – Builds drone landing location locations.
  • DNA Health Consultant – Helps people pre-emptively manage their health through DNA analysis.
  • Urban Agriculture Specialist – Design / manage agriculture in vertical gardens in city scapes.
  • Meat Lab workers – People involved in growing meat in labs so no animals are slaughtered.
  • 3D printing worker – Work associated with 3D printing technology.
  • Renewable Energy Workers – Building, managing creating green energy.
  • Crypto Currency banker – Banking systems created around crypto currency.
  • BlockChain Manager – Helps comp names and people manage their own block chains.
  • Augmented Reality City Designer – Design information to float above public spaces which we can access with smart glasses.

As you have probably guessed this list could go on forever… It isn’t designed to be exhaustive, rather the stimulate thought on the infinite work possibilities and get you excited rather than scared! You’ll also notice many of then are very humanities focused.

Growth Industries of the Future

  • Data and Privacy Management
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto Currency anf FinTech Banking
  • Renewable Energy
  • Drones
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Fitness
  • Transport Autonomy
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Distance Education
  • Experiential travel
  • New Age Agriculture – Clean meat / Vertical Farming

Again there are more, but you can see that the entrepreneurial and work opportunities of the future are only limited to imagination and a little bit of effort on our behalves.

Go for it!